Uncontested Divorce Representation

Understanding No-Fault Divorce In South Carolina

If you are going through or considering a divorce, you may have a lot on your mind, and you may want to keep the drama and hassle in your life to a minimum.

Under South Carolina law, no-fault divorce involves a situation in which a couple has been separated for over a year. However, no formal or "legal" separation is required, only that a couple resides in separate households for at least one year. It also implies a situation in which assets, child support and other matters are not being debated and in which a prompt legal ending of the marriage is desired. No-fault divorce is not for couples who are fighting or who are in disagreement about who will get what.

Less Hassle, Cost-Effective

The benefits of no-fault divorce, as opposed to a contested or more complicated divorce proceeding, are numerous. They include:

  • Much lower legal costs
  • No legal battles or courtroom stress
  • A predictable process with no surprises
  • More control over what happens, with less power over your life in the hands of a court or an opposing lawyer

If you want (and qualify for) a no-fault divorce, you must appear before a South Carolina judge to finalize the arrangement.

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